Happy Mama, Whinny Mama

What a day!

We had a great time at heritage Park with our friends who are visiting here from Hong Kong.

The kids went on all the rides a few times before the line ups were there.

The boys love hanging out with the 2 girls, who are around the same age as my older two.

It was a big crazy with the winning twins in the morning and then one of them pooping in their pants! That was not enjoyable at all!
There’s no good without the bad. Ain’t it true:)
Happy kids, whinny kids. Happy mama, whinny mama.
It’s all good right.
If you saw me right now, you would see me sitting in one of my favourite spots: Cspace, with my trusty laptop, a cappuccino and I have a client coming to join me in 15 mins. This is my slice of heaven:)
I loooooove writing you guys!
And I also love hearing from all of you who read what I write, its just that extra cherry on top when I do. So thanks for that!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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