It’s like you worrying you will get fat if they eat cake!

When you notice that you are worried about what other people think you need to SEE that YOU valuing their opinion is only coming from you wanting to FEEL a certain way. (Or avoiding feeling a certain way)
You are trying to manipulate them to think a certain way SO that you can FEEL a certain way. (If they think I’m great I can finally relax)
THEIR thoughts can’t just jump INTO YOU.
You think a thought and that thought creates a feeling for you.
SO what you are trying to do can never work.
It’s always YOU who creates that feeling for yourself.
SO leave THEM alone and leave THEIR thoughts alone because your thoughts are the ONLY ones that can ever create what you want.
It’s like you worrying that you will get fat if someone else eats cake. That’s not possible because the cake in their body can only create fat for them, and never for you.
So you literally don’t have to worry about what they think or eat because it is impossible for it to effect you until you think it or eat it.

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