What if we eliminated ‘so busy’ from our vocabulary???

Whenever I tell anyone I have 4 boys, 99% of people react “wow, you must be so busy!”.
Although there is definitely truth in it, I never choose to say that about my life.
Why? Because I feel extremely overwhelmed when I think that and there is no good coming out of that.
Instead you know what I do, I simply state the ONE thing I am doing right now.
In fact I made it a habit, whenever one of my boys asks for my help and I am already helping the other boy, I always say ‘I can’t right now, I am helping this guy with his mittens, when I’m done with him I will help you.’
Instead of ‘I can’t help you, can’t you see I’m BUSY!!!” (Roll your eyes)
Notice how right away with that one word you tell the whole story of your life: that you always have something or someone who needs you, you have no time to yourself, victim mode, victim mode, victim mode” cry me a river!
I can find the truth in the ‘I’m busy’ and I can also find the truth in the ‘I’m doing this one thing right now.”
The truth is we are always doing just that one thing, even when we are interrupted a million times, we still pay attention to only one thing at a time.
So I want to challenge you to eliminate ‘I”M BUSY” from your vocabulary and see how hard it is. For some of us it is such a habit to say it to anyone, all the time, every day.  What that creates is a habit of feeling overwhelmed all the time.
If you were to choose from two very true things, one could make you feel overwhelmed and the other calm and focused, what would it be?
Have a fantastic Wednesday everybody!
If you ever wonder what I’m doing: it’s only one of the two things: working or with my family.  I’m not busy, I only have 2 things(wink).
P.S. Feeling overwhelmed with life and especially holidays coming up I cannot suggest strongly enough to come work with me as I have eliminated overwhelm in my life and I help you do the same.  Imagine a calm and relaxed December? It is possible. IF you just read to the end of this email then why don’t we continue this conversation over coffee?! You got this!

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