You don’t HAVE to LIVE!

Did you know you don’t HAVE to do anything??

You don’t have to go to work.
You don’t have to take care of your family.
You DON’T have to pay taxes, contrary to popular belief.
You don’t have to be a good person.
You don’t have to brush your teeth.
Sure, there will be consequences, with gingivitis, loss of relationships, going broke, feeling bad about being mean to others, etc.
All of the above have consequences to them.
Which you may not like.
But to say you HAVE TO DO them – is a LIE.
We CHOOSE to do them because we DON’T like the consequences that come from  NOT DOING Them.
I’ll take it ever further.
You don’t have to eat.
You also don’t have to shower.
You don’t even have to live.
This is the crazy part but stay with me.
You have free will that you can exercise on anything.
NOBODY can make you do anything, NOT EVEN stay alive.
People can take their own lives, because they even have a say in that!!!
I’m not trying to convince you to end your own life, not at all, on the contrary, take your life back!
What I’m saying is that we think we HAVE to do all these things, but we don’t, we just forgot that we get to CHOOSE them.
SO, if we don’t HAVE to do any of it – then what do we WANT to do???
DO you want to take care of your kids, pay taxes and brush your teeth? Oh and LIVE?
Saying I WANT TO (because I prefer to do them over the negative consequences that follow when I don’t do them) do all those things CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!
This is YOUR life – you don’t HAVE to do anything!! So what will you do if you have the ultimate freedom?
I’m guessing you will still CHOOSE to live and be a good person and pay taxes, and take care of your family.
BUT you will do it from a much different place than you would thinking that you have to.
So what will it be for YOU? What do you WANT ?
P.S. What? You say you want to work with a life coach but afraid of what others will think?  That is such a common response that I get and I say what a more reason to do it!!!  Lots of people who want to work with me want to work on their confidence.  Telling people you work with a life coach takes balls.  What if they disapprove, judge or think you are weird and will never succeed?  You get your first taste of being confident just by declaring to the world that you work with a life coach, because you are OKAY with peoples’ judgements, and that is the ultimate confidence I see in my clients.  But before you can declare you are working with a life coach I invite you to email me back to set up a time to talk about what you want!!!

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