Take aways form Tony Robins event this week!

Hello my beautiful people!
Doug and I had the whole day together at Tony Robins event and it was great!  We listened, we learned, we laughed and we jumped. We also managed to sneak in a little coffee break at a beautiful French patisserie near by, which felt so good to sit and reflect and discuss!
Most of the lessons Tony presented I was already familiar with through my own coach, so I won’t talk about them but I will tell you what was new to me.
One concept he teaches is about 4 different classes of experiences we have in our life. Here is the picture.


What happens when we spend a lot of time doing class 2 and 1 experiences in our life is we have a bit of an identity crisis and we freak out and we go straight back to class 3 experiences, which is where we are comfortable.
We crave familiarity and comfort and so we go back to doing things that are feel good to us in the moment but are not good for us.
That is so true as you start to grow and expand your self confidence. The freak out happens and you are right back to square one, thinking how did you get there and you are not growing at all.
That is my struggle this whole year ever since I set my impossible goal. Ever since I started coaching people, started my business.  Everything was and is going so great and it is also so scary and uncomfortable and brings up a lot of doubt and indecision for me.  If I’m not careful and I don’t do my own coaching I am right back to comfort eating and not feeling all the feels.
So if you are finding yourself going through a set back, know that it is only a set back, a ‘contraction’ as Tony calls it. It is totally normal and expected and you have to get right back to it to keep going instead of thinking you have failed.
The other concept that really spoke to me is the importance of using our body to live the life we want.
As I start to work more this year I spend more time sitting during the day which doesn’t feel good to my body so I have started including some quick walks here and there between my clients to refresh myself and when I heard Tony say ‘use your physiology” I knew exactly how that applies I my life.
Not moving feels bad and moving feels great.
Pretty obvious and yet I wasn’t thinking about it and not planning it in my day.  I am usually so active with my kids that when I’m not with them I start to feel it so much!
Now I am so excited to have that brought to my awareness because I love how I feel when I move! Its also such a great tool for pumping yourself up for whatever you want to feel that day.
I bet that is no news to you if you have been sitting all day at work and know all about how you should include some exercise in the day.
So for you here is what he says “if you don’t have energy you can’t create anything great. Energy creates energy. Movement creates energy.  So use your physiology to create positive energy to then create what you want with your life.”
Not simply ‘exercise to feel good’, but really use that as a tool to achieve all your big goals.
Alright, hope this was helpful and have a great Sunday ya’ll! I love using that ‘ya’ll’ even though I am not from the south of US, and from northern Canada, which cracks me up every time I want to write it to you all. So YA’LL, love you and see you soon!

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