Bad Moments.

What if you didn’t add the “bad” to the moments.
I had a bad fight with my son.
I think it’s bad.
Then I make it mean ‘I’m making our relationship bad’.
Later that night when I’m putting him to bed I keep thinking about how I was mean to him and how I should be better and how it’s not as good as it can be.
But what if I just drop the ‘bad’ part and see it as just a moment.  Then I don’t make it mean that it’s effecting the relationship in any way and my relationship with him is just as good as always.
Then come bed time and I am snuggling with him, talking, kissing him, enjoying his company, loving him – in other words present and actually having and see our good relationship.
You guys see the difference?
I do now as well.
That is the beauty of dropping the self judgement, or judgement of what you did.
What if life is full of moments and you get to enjoy the good ones despite the bad ones (even if you are tempted to beat yourself up for the ‘bad’ ones).
Have a great weekend every!
I am so pumped to fly to Toronto tomorrow with my crew!
A whole week with my brother and his family and my parents at a cottage on a lake!
Now that is deff going to be a great moment:) mixed in with a few whinny kid moments.
I can handle it.

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