“This was always supposed to happen.”

“This was always supposed to happen.” Is what I told my client the other day.

When we have something that has happened in our life, our past and we are not happy about we tend to argue with it.
But when we argue with reality we loose 100% of the time.
I Love, Love, Love thinking of life that way.
It sets me free every time I remember that this was always supposed to happen this way. I take all the struggle away from it.
I accept things the way they are or were and move on.
Move on to make them mean what I want to make them mean.
Sure you may still want to feel terrible about what happened but at least now you have taken away that extra layer of unnecessary suffering!(it’s terrible and it also should’ve never happened. instead : “it’s terrible and it should’ve happened”. How do we know that ? “Because IT DID”.)
Sooo much better once you have done that.
Try it out.
What is it that you wish was different in your past ?
How can you say ‘that thing the happened was always meant to happen.’
Can you accept that as part of my life and make peace with it?
How different will your life will be then?
Try it out!
Happy Friday everyone!

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