“I feel like I’m going braindead.”

Hi, I’m Natalia Schneidmiller and I help women put an end to all fighting in their relationships by teaching them the tools to manage their mind so they can handle anything and everything and not let it cause a fight in their relationships. 

If you lost the point to life, if you are a bored, if you are overeating or over drinking, or over shopping, or over doing anything, then this episode is for you.
I share my approach to the big question Why we are all here and how to approach it.
Are you consuming more than creating in your day?

Feeling good enough and NOT good enough has a lot to do with whether you will listen to your truest desires or not, whether you will take action toward creating that something of your dreams or not. 

Listening to yourself and telling yourself the truth about what you want is more powerful than hiding from it.

If you need help with finding what your truest desire is then i can help and also help you with your relationships, sign up here for a free session or email me at natalia@coachingnatalia.com

Here is a review from one of my clients:

Before working with Natalia I could not manage my anxiety.
Now I could drive my kids to school, or get groceries, do whatever needs to be done, Before that I thought I would die for sure, I was paralyzed.
I got control of my life back and I feel awesome, free, lighter.
She got me back to my confidence, got me back to who I really am.
For anyone who is on the fence about doing this work I would say that for me it was definitely the key help to get out of it so it does work. And it does change you it doesn’t just help you it changes you in a positive way. So it is really worth it. Everybody should know the stuff that Natalia has to share.
    I felt I was finally reconnecting with myself even while having anxiety. I got really good at realizing that anxiety is just an emotion just like happiness, sadness and it is just something that happens in our body. I was able to get personal with myself.  She gave me the access key to get personal with myself and understand what is going on in my brain.  
Lisa  , stay at home mom of 2

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