Change the oil in your car

our car is your brain and your oil is your thoughts.

The quality of your oil will determine how well your car engine runs.
The quality of your thoughts will determine much you enjoy your life.

Change the oil in your car and clean and change the thoughts in your brain regularly.

Here is how you will feel if your oil needs to be changed:

– reactive
– life is happening TO you
– rushed
– tired
– resentful
– blaming, hoping, wishing
– disappointed

Once you change the oil (thoughts) you will feel this:

– satisfied
– proud
– in control
– rested
– excited
– have time for everything

If you are in the first category you must come see me ASAP,  because any day that goes by that you are feeling not in control of your life is one less day that you feel unsatisfied with your life. why wait any longer? book your first free session with me HERE.

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