Falling off of ripstik, failing in life

I did a thing this weekend.  I learned how to ride a ripstik. 

What is it? It’s like a skateboard but only with 2 wheels, one at the back, one at the front. (I’ll post a video on IG so proud!)

As I watched my oldest son try and fail, try and fail, try, try, try, fail and get slightly better each time I really wanted to try. 

So I did.  It was scary.

What was soooo interesting to me was to watch my own reaction. My first attempt I was so scared to fall. I couldn’t even get up on it. 

After that I didn’t want to try again.  My brain just told me I can’t do it. It’s for the kids. It’s not for adults.  I’m too big, I won’t be able to do it.  Don’t worry about it. You’re a mama, your job is to make sure kids are safe. Why are you bothering me with that stuff?!

But I DID want to ride it. I DID.  What my brain was offering me was just a way out because I was scared. 

What I have learned from starting a business is that what it takes to be successful in business is willingness to FAIL.  If I am willing to fail unlimited amount of times then I will eventually succeed.  That’s it.

And I think it applies to everything in our life. What do we want? Well to get that we just have to be willing to FAIL infinity times to get it. 

Here’s what I have learned: is that I was so resistant and scared of falling that I almost didn’t try at all. ALSO after my FIRST failure I almost didn’t try at all. ONLY 1 FAIL and I was never going to try again. 

We as adults are so afraid to fail, be embarrassed, humiliated, FALL down, get hurt, etc, etc.  We avoid that at all cost.

Unless of course we are onto ourselves and we keep trying and KNOW that failing IS what it takes to get there. 

I watched my son go at it again and again, falling, getting hurt and trying again. Stealing every free moment he has to attempt it again.  Failing was fun to him! He didn’t think of it as failing.  He thought of it as getting a little better each time and doing a wheelie ( life one wheel up). 

So fail on purpose and fail often.  Fail more than once.  Try and try again. Think of the fun trick you will make once you get it. Think of the fun.

If you are working on being nice to yourself and find yourself talking nasty to yourself again, great you are failing, great – you are actually attempting something again.  Choose to not beat yourself up over it and choose to just try again.  

Go do what you want to do and fail as many times as necessary.  Get hurt, physically and emotionally, be embarrassed, feel sad.  Great work. Do it again. 


P.S.  This is where a skill set of a coach is very useful.  You will fail and you will want to quit.  Your brain will offer you a million reasons to stop trying.  And if you are not surrounded by people who are attempting the same thing you will believe it and quit.  All a coach does is not let the person quit on themselves, no matter what a brain tells them. Not holding you accountable but helping you understand how your brain works and that it takes 100 fails to get there.  You are doing it right. I work one on one with my clients so when you are ready this work is here for you. 
P.S.S. is what one of my clients(mom of 2) says: “For anyone who is on the fence about doing this work I would say that for me it was definitely the key help, so it does work. 
And it does change you, it doesn’t just help you it changes you in a positive way.
You are not just resolving whatever problem you have you are actually get a new key to open up the door you couldn’t open before so you can actually achieve even more. So it is worth it, it’s really worth it.   Everybody should know the stuff that you have to share.”

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