How to NOT kill your family during quarantine

HOW to NOT kill your family during quarantine?

First we have to understand that the only reason we would want to kill our family is because we believe that they are the reason we are angry and frustrated.

IF we believe they are the source of our suffering then of course we would want to eliminated that source.

But the truth is your family is never the source of your suffering.

The actual source of your suffering is what you are thinking ABOUT your family.

IF we could touch that source it would look like words on paper.

Those words on paper are what lies between your family and your frustration.

They are what is making you want to kill them. Not your family.

So how do you NOT kill your family during a quarantine?

You simply recognize that they are not to blame for how you are feeling.

And I’m not suggesting you blame yourself for your thoughts.

That would not be useful.

You simple take your responsibility back for how you feel every time you feel frustrated.

Give credit back to your thought and not to your family.

You can’t control your family but you can choose your thoughts.


P.S. Think of me as a specialist of thoughts. I am an expert in recognizing them and figuring out when they are useful or not. I am also trained in showing you your thoughts without any judgment. I don’t know what’s best for you. Only you know and I am here to show you what you are thinking so you can take that awareness and choose thoughts that serve you best. I am that outside observer that is essential in showing you what you are thinking because we can’t do that level of work on our own brain, because we are IN our brain. WE need outside help. That is the reason why I get coached, i am a human with a human brain. I need someone else to show me what they see and what I can’t see with my own brain. This is what I am offering to you so email me back when you are ready to take a look at what’s in your brain!

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