What to do when your child says “I’m not doing this anymore, I’ll lose anyway”

A real life example and how you can deal with it.  I used to get confused by situations like these until i found a way to see it in a very simple, very useful way! and i share it with you here in this episode. 
You will learn what lies behind your child saying that and you will have a chance to discover your own thoughts about it and then be able to help your child navigate through making decisions.
I will talk about fear driven decisions vs trust driven decisions.
I share a real life example of a friend and her daughter.

Changing other people or life outcomes is not always available or possible but changing our mind and managing our thoughts about them is always available to us and that is why i share with you these examples.

If you are ready to never think or worry or struggle about your relationships ever again – be done with the struggle – then all you have to do is start living and acting in a way that reflects that – and if you need any help to get there I can help you start acting and feeling that way today, TODAY. simply sign up for a session HERE to have a chat with me. 

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