Saying goodbye to what you expected

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to ideas in your head.
“I expected it to to be different.”
“This is NOT what I imagined for myself.”
“I am not happy with how things turned out.”
This whole idea of what it should have been is causing you pain right now.
Come back to the way things are right now and say goodbye to the way you wish them to be.
Whatever is done is perfect as is.
How do we know that?
Because it happened that way. 
We can’t change it.
But we can accept that that is what happened and this is our life NOW.
Saying goodbye is sometimes unconventional like that.
You can say goodbye to your idea of how your life was supposed to turn out.
That will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.
P.S.  I am all for giving yourself the best and so I invite you to email me back and do something amazing for yourself: stop feeling sorry for yourself and start getting what you want TODAY.  What if it’s not this huge impossible thing but a series of actions that start with an email back to me.

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