Reduce yelling at the kids by 90% with this one question

With this simple question you can cut your yelling at the kids by 90%.
All you have to do is be brave enough to take the time and answer it for yourself and keep asking yourself that question whenever you are:
– snappy at the kids
–  over eating
– over drinking
– over social mediaing
– over shopping
– over doing anything that you don’t want to be overdoing,

Listen to this episode and find out how i applied it to myself this weekend and this morning, what answers i found and how I solved for the actual problems i discovered.
This one question will help you discover where in your life you need  comfort and then be able to give it to yourself.

If you are ready to comfort your fears about your sons future or finally get rid of guilt over how you showed up with him in the past  and once and for all create the relationship you want with him then start your work today by signing up for a free session HERE.

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