I wish I knew this sooner

And that is why I am sharing this message with you today! I believe if I needed to hear this years ago then you need to hear this today. 
If you are curious about life without alcohol then this episode is for YOU.
If you can’t even imagine your life without alcohol then you should definitely listen to this episode!
I share my story with alcohol and what it felt like before i chose not to drink it and i share how it feels now when I don’t include it as part of my life. It is amazing!!!!

You should check out Rachel Hart’s podcast: Take a Break. 
Another great coach to do this work with is Brooke Castillo and her program. Highly, HIGHLY recommend BOTH of them if you want to do this work. This is not a paid ad for them. They both helped me and i love the results so I just want to share them with you. 

AND if you are ready to have a great relationship with your son you can sign up for a free session and get started. 

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