Prevent 99% of your fights with this one technique

When someone says :  “You don’t do ____” 
You translate it to “I want ___”.

Instead of getting defensive, feeling critisized, attacked and lashing out, arguing, defending yourself  – you can understand what the other person wants and connect with them, talk to them, give them what they want.
You can think they are so cute because they actually love it and want it when you do ____. They are just upset when you don’t do it and they haven’t figured out how to ask for it. 

You don’t sing songs anymore 

You don’t cook this anymore

You don’t meet me here anymore

You don’t take me to movies any more

Call me anymore

Meet me for lunch anymore

Talk to me

Watch show with me

Translate all of that to 
I want ___ all those things.
Or Can you please do all those things. 
OR I love it when you do all those things. 

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