Slouching = failure, obviously!

New year, new homework from my life coach.

I sit down to write.

Here is what I find out.

I believe I am tired, i am convinced I do things half-ass and I definitely slouch.

Not only do I believe the thoughts above but I think them on repeat, many times a day and feel terrible about myself.

I believe tired is bad for my energy in business, half-ass produces low quality work and slouching is just so bad so I obviously will be unsuccessful.(that one really made me laugh, slouching, really?) Now what?

My usual reaction used to be to try to replace the not serving thoughts with these serving thoughts: ‘I feel energized’, ‘I do things well’ and ‘I have great posture’.

But this time that is not what I did.

Instead of trying to replace well trained beliefs in my head I gave them a different meaning. 

I knew trying to get rid of them wouldn’t do the trick, so here’s what I decide to make it mean.

Being tired is an indicator of greatness, I had a great day laying it all out there in work and at home. I am amazing. ( and by the way I do believe that, that’s an important piece to make this work).

I do half-ass work but THAT Is what makes me so amazing because I DON’T have the perfectionist in me paralyzing me with fear. BECAUSE of my low standards I am ABLE to help people today, every day!  Now that is amazing!

And finally I decided that slouching is something that people love when they look at me because I am human and not perfect, I am relatable.   And that made me feel so much better about my posture, I don’t have to fight it any more.

I found this exercise extremely powerful and liberating.

I highly recommend this for you and your BIG obstacle beliefs.

Instead of changing them give them a different meaning!

I’m so happy to be back here with you guys! Hope your holidays were 50% great:)

Happy Monday !!!


P.S. Does this speak to you but you don’t know quiet where to begin? That is what I am here for, to help you identify those BIG, recurring beliefs and help you make friends with them in order to start doing what you need to be doing to have the life you want!   It is simple and hard. But we can all do hard things!   I have helped people do that in as little as 15 minutes, on our first free session.  I can help you do the same, just email me back and we can talk.

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