Why you should manage your mind!


58205107278__7152E222-A839-4BF9-9B54-DCEC42AF3D64I have a good one for you this week!!!

Do you ever scroll through Instagram or FB and see a picture of a friend with her friend, smiling, posing, dressed up?
We have all been through that loop of comparison, jealousy and beating ourselves up over not having it as awesome as them.
The reason I’m brining it up is because this week I had an amazing example of what this exact experience can be like when you work on managing your mind.
Earlier in the week I had coached one of my clients on this exact scenario.  The person was being sucked in by all the comparing, feeling not good enough, self loathing, jealousy etc.  After we had that conversation I went on with my week.
2 days later I was scrolling through facebook and came across a picture of my life coach posing with one of her students. Smiling, happy, at a retreat in a beautiful place.
Immediately I thought that I wanted to be the one hanging out with my mentor, whom I adore, not taking kids to soccer.  I felt so down and frustrated.
What happened next was simply a result of all the work I’ve done on myself: I noticed I was doing it and quickly snapped out of it. It only took a few minutes, that’s it.
I should be exactly where I am: taking kids to soccer.  How do I know this to be true? The reason I know it should be this way is because IT IS!” When you stop arguing with reality, life gets easier.
NOW in my eyes this is a huge difference in how I handled this situation compared to how I used to handle it 2 years ago.
Managing our mind changes our lives.  This worked saved me hours, and probably days of feeling bad about myself, my life, my activities, my everything.  How fantastic is that?
This is WHY I am such a proponent of working on our brain and owning our feelings and thoughts.
Even though my brain goes to the negative as a default (just like the rest of us), I am so aware of what it’s doing and skilled at directing it that it is almost effortless now to not get sucked into the petty bs, and therefore have the life free of comparison and full of inspiration.
Have you thought about what you think about when you scroll through social media? 
If you haven’t and would like to learn how not to be triggered by the picture perfect social media world I would love to show you how.  
Simply email me back.  
If you find this email helpful please forward it to someone who you think can benefit from this information. 
Thank you!

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