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My mom says

“I LEARNED TO MAKE A DECISION AND DECIDE THAT IT’S THE RIGHT DECISION” – NINA MATVEEVA This is so powerful and straight out of my moms mouth!Can’t help it but brag she learned it from working with me:) SO good! Her testimonial coming soon!! #decisions #decide #rightone #rightdecisions #mom

A sock on the floor.

I make decisions quickly and strongly! The truth is that is not fully true. I would like it that to be 100 true but its not.  And it’s okay. I have holidays unplanned, cars uncleaned, errands not run.  And I am tired. So what? So nothing. I move on to the next task and the …

What is Self-Confidence?

It is the ability and willingness to feel any feeling. You are self-confident if you are not afraid to feel • fear • failure • embarrassment • humiliation • isolation What is the worst that can happen in life? – death – loss – humiliation – divorce – decease – rejection – embarrassment   What …