Amazing takeaway from “The Upside of Stress” by Kelly McGonigal

Stress equals meaning equals happiness

The more stress the happier the person.
Stress is highly correlated with a greater sense of meaning in life.
 When twins were little I wanted the challenge to take care of them at night, felt like I belonged with them and felt happier being with them even thought it was more challenging.

How is that true in your life?
What strsss do you want to include and why? Why would. You rather do it and be stressed than NOT do it and be not stressed.\

Choosing to be a stay at home mom even thought it is super challenging and stressful. But super meaningful to me and I would rather be here stressed out than in some office cubicle doing something that has zero meaning to me. 

This podcast has a lot of meaning to ME even thought it is stressful to put myself out there share my stories, doubt myself, question myself and feel vulnerable, but I would rather do it than not BECAUSE It means a lot to me to know that this will be helpful to at least one other person out there bozo I know how helpful it was to me  when I listed to a podcast or read a blog./

Dinners realiziing I would rather scramble and do last minute adjustments and cook 3,4 different options for the kids that order in or do fast food. I would rather be stressed out over picky eaters and being bad at this and how hard this cooking job is than pick up fast food. I choose this stress over the other stress of feeding them less nutritious meals but seemingly less work and less stress in making the meal. 

Ha I would actually be rather doing that than this! Hah I didn’t realize I was choosing it. 

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