Water skiing and whose job is it?

Hi Im Natalia Schneidmiller and I help women put an end to all fighting in their relationships by teaching them the tools to manage their mind so they can handle anything and everything and not let it cause a fight in their relationships. 

In this episode i share a story about how I assumed it was not my job and i could not do a certain job.  This is what we do in our relationships – assume that some jobs are not for us to do and we cannot do them.  In this episode i invite you to consider to claim the job of taking care of yourself and decide you are the person for the job of making yourself happy. 

Here is a review from one of the clients:

“Natalia helped me make some big decisions in my life.  
Before I felt as if my life was just happening to me and I had no say in it. 

Now I have my dream house in my dream city, doing my dream job!

Thanks to the coaching, I started promoting my business more which resulted in helping more clients, which is what I love doing.

The other part of my life that really changed was I was brave enough to move to a different city and take charge of my retirement plan, set myself up with a house and new life in a new city.

Thanks to Natalia I have been able to easily tackle big life decisions and small everyday ‘problems’.

Every time I talk to her I find that one thought the makes everything better for me.
At first I was hesitant about coaching but after our first session I saw results right away in myself which made me come back to it again and again. Everyone should have a coach!
Best investment I ever made.
Thank you Natalia!”
-Nina, 62 , mom of 2 adults

if you need any help with your relationship you can always find me here and sign up for a free session
or email me at natalia@coachingnatalia.com

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