You always have a choice with worry

Hi I”m Natalia Schneidmiller and I help women put an end to all fighting in their relationships by teaching them the tools to manage their mind so they can handle anything and everything and not let it cause a fight in their relationships.

In this episode I tell you a story about how I was worried about my husband and boys were going skiing and how i was able to CHOOSE joy and excitement instead. Practice and awareness are the key to being able to do this.

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Here is a review from one of my clients:

“Natalia is an awesome coach. She helped me realize that I was judging myself really badly and helped me believe that I am an amazing mom whatever happens. That feels really good. She is sweet, smart and pragmatic. She had lots of practical tips and also helps you become more self confident so you can actually apply them. I used to feel so tired and I didn’t know how to handle my kids. Now I learned to take time for myself and I feel more energy and confidence. Thanks Natalia for all you did for me ❤️”
– Samantha Rich

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