The type of client and student i am


Does this ever happen to you that you realize one day that you are doing exactly what you want to be doing and being exactly who you want to be being?

The other day i was sending some of my favourite podcasts to my friend and at that moment i realized – i have HIRED and and am WORKING with all 3 of my favourite people, whom i admire and learn from all the time.

That was such an amazing thing for me to realize, because not do i claim to be the life coach but i am also a student and a client at the same time, which makes me a better coach. 

I am being the person, that same person that i expect my students be: do the work, show up, keep showing up, commit to working with a coach you trust. 

I truly believe that i can’t be in integrity and ask my clients to commit to working with me and to pay me and to learn from me if i’m not doing the same with my coaches.

And it works the other way around too.

If i am making big decisions and committing to work with a coach( or 3), if i am doing all the homework and experiencing the transformation then I can believe the same transformation is available to my clients when they do the work.

That is the magic, i believe.

I show up as the student and client i want my clients to be.  It’s super simple and exciting to think about!

Realizing i have hired 3 coaches made me feel like i’m that person who can’t stop getting tattoos !  ha ha. I am hooked on that high and i want more!

Who inspires you into action? Who is that person for you who makes you believe that you can do whatever you want and have the life you want?  If you would like to explore if coaching is for you, email me back and we can discuss it over coffee!

Happy Friday guys!


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