Pain is missing information

Stubbing your toe on the bed – information was missing – there is a bed right there and now you know it. You didn’t and now you do. 

Painful but information was delivered.

I had expectations of how a person would behave in a situation and the person behaved differently.  I felt painful, disappointing, upsetting, saddening.  

I was missing information about that person . 
I didn’t know the exact way they would react in this situation and NOW I do. But I didn’t .  The only reason it hurts is because I was missing this information.

Knowing this eases my pain. 
Knowing this actually has me searching for the information I was missing. 
Knowing this gets me to accept this information sooner.  
Knowing this gets me to see that I actually don’t want to accept this new information.  Knowing this helps me see my own judgement of this new information.  
And it is painful.

But seeing this as simply information about the world, specifically about this other person – helps me learn and next time not have the same pain. 

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