Save Time by Making Decisions Strongly

pablo (21)

The first thing I talked about that makes time is planning your time.

Make sure you include time off, and time to relax, and time to play, and time to be spontaneous. 

Follow through on your plan no matter how you feel at the moment.

The second thing that will give you more time is making decisions strongly.

I know this so well because I used to be and still sometimes am the most indecisive person.

And I am also a life coach which means I have worked my butt off to make my decisions strongly and never look back.

So trust me when I say that you will have loads of time when you don’t indulge in indecision. 

The most painful part of that showed up in my parenting.    

I would tell my kids no to whatever they were asking for and then doubt it and change my mind. 

That would only build more evidence that I make ‘wrong’ decisions for the future and so I would indulge in more indecision the next time around.

It was a vicious circle.  I did not like the person I was being and I felt I had no control over that.  My kids would constantly whine for everything and I felt like I was failing as a parent.   It sucked.

Now I have learned that what makes my decision right or wrong is what I decide I want it to be. 

If I DECIDE it’s the right decision then my brain will be at work looking for the evidence that it is the right decision.

If I let my brain go to it’s default it will always come up with reasons why it was not the right decision no matter which option I pick.

To sum it up:

There are no wrong decisions.

Decide strongly and never look back. 

You will save yourself a ton of time.

My coach has this analogy of going on a hike and not deciding which trail to take.

You start hiking and then turn around, start on another train and then turn around, and on and on you try to hike on different trails without actually getting anywhere because you keep changing your mind. 

On your hike you will feel doubt, you will feel scared, you will feel like you made the wrong decision. 

If you can believe there is no wrong decision then you can stay committed to your original decision and you will be amazed at how much time you save by just going straight up the mountain and not questioning yourself.

Have you guys heard of MASSIVE ACTION? I can’t wait to tell you all about it next week and how it can also save you time!!! Exciting!

Have a beautiful week everybody!


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