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How WE start fights

Here is a list of fight starter thoughts and it has these things in common:1. we are not okay with ourselves2. we are not okay with our son (what he’s doing, saying, being)3. we are not okay with the situation Listen up to all the different examples i make from my life and from what …

My mom says

“I LEARNED TO MAKE A DECISION AND DECIDE THAT IT’S THE RIGHT DECISION” – NINA MATVEEVA This is so powerful and straight out of my moms mouth!Can’t help it but brag she learned it from working with me:) SO good! Her testimonial coming soon!! #decisions #decide #rightone #rightdecisions #mom

Life Results

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she reminded me of all the non business related results that I’ve created in my life.  Oh right, those. I am so focused on my business that I forgot about those.  Here are a few: Certainty that I can figure it out.  Feeling connected with my husband. …