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Change the oil in your car

our car is your brain and your oil is your thoughts. The quality of your oil will determine how well your car engine runs.The quality of your thoughts will determine much you enjoy your life. Change the oil in your car and clean and change the thoughts in your brain regularly. Here is how you …

How not to depend on them to feel good

As parents we can have rules and expectations of our kids but when we feel dependant on them following those expectations that’s when we hurt ourselves.The truth is we can’t control them so when we depend on them to feel good we ultimately feel out of control of how we feel.  Ask yourself “how can …

Copy/Paste TRUST

If you are struggling in one area of your life and in other areas of your life things come easily to you – try this out.  Listen up to hear some of the examples I use in my life and think about your examples from your life.