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 I really, really want to start a podcast!

And the reason I like the best for starting it is !

To learn and practice so that one day it can help hundreds and thousands of people.

But first I have to become a disaster at it haha I don’t think it’ll be that bad! Let’s find out !

I guess the same is true with loving yourself – we have to first see what a disaster we are at it to then become a master of it.


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I love all humans.

“I love all humans.” My coach says that sometimes.

That is why I think she is so successful.
I notice it when I judge people.
I notice how it’s preventing me from connecting with them and helping them.
I notice it when I am able to connect and love all of the human experience I am able to help on such a deeper level.
Good news is that human experience include judgment!
So there you go, even when we judge we are still lovable:)
Happy Wednesday everyone!
Love you all!
P.S. Did you know I can help you love your judgmental side? yep. Email me back and we can chat!

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“I know what to do but when the times comes to do it I just don’t do it.”

“I know what to do but when the times comes to do it I just don’t do it.”

You don’t do it because you are reacting to your feelings in that moment.

And in the moment you will never want to do what it is you decided you need to do.

So here’s how I do it, I anticipate that I won’t want to do it and I commit to keeping my word to myself and doing it anyways.

That is how I get everything done and how I get all my goals achieved.

I decided to write a book this year and I did! I am editing it right so it is ready for Dec. 31st!

I decided to become a life coach and I did.

I decided to coach 30 people this year and I will, I helped 28 people so far!

We could be celebrating your goals at the end of next year, which you were able to achieve simply by honouring your word to yourself and doing things despite feeling negative emotion!!!!

What would it mean for you to try?

What would it mean for you to not try?

P.S. Will you be one of those 2 people I help this month?
its very simple, you email me back and we schedule a chat over phone, all it takes is 60 minutes during your lunch break or after kids are in bed.  Are you in?

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You don’t HAVE to LIVE!

Did you know you don’t HAVE to do anything??

You don’t have to go to work.
You don’t have to take care of your family.
You DON’T have to pay taxes, contrary to popular belief.
You don’t have to be a good person.
You don’t have to brush your teeth.
Sure, there will be consequences, with gingivitis, loss of relationships, going broke, feeling bad about being mean to others, etc.
All of the above have consequences to them.
Which you may not like.
But to say you HAVE TO DO them – is a LIE.
We CHOOSE to do them because we DON’T like the consequences that come from  NOT DOING Them.
I’ll take it ever further.
You don’t have to eat.
You also don’t have to shower.
You don’t even have to live.
This is the crazy part but stay with me.
You have free will that you can exercise on anything.
NOBODY can make you do anything, NOT EVEN stay alive.
People can take their own lives, because they even have a say in that!!!
I’m not trying to convince you to end your own life, not at all, on the contrary, take your life back!
What I’m saying is that we think we HAVE to do all these things, but we don’t, we just forgot that we get to CHOOSE them.
SO, if we don’t HAVE to do any of it – then what do we WANT to do???
DO you want to take care of your kids, pay taxes and brush your teeth? Oh and LIVE?
Saying I WANT TO (because I prefer to do them over the negative consequences that follow when I don’t do them) do all those things CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!
This is YOUR life – you don’t HAVE to do anything!! So what will you do if you have the ultimate freedom?
I’m guessing you will still CHOOSE to live and be a good person and pay taxes, and take care of your family.
BUT you will do it from a much different place than you would thinking that you have to.
So what will it be for YOU? What do you WANT ?
P.S. What? You say you want to work with a life coach but afraid of what others will think?  That is such a common response that I get and I say what a more reason to do it!!!  Lots of people who want to work with me want to work on their confidence.  Telling people you work with a life coach takes balls.  What if they disapprove, judge or think you are weird and will never succeed?  You get your first taste of being confident just by declaring to the world that you work with a life coach, because you are OKAY with peoples’ judgements, and that is the ultimate confidence I see in my clients.  But before you can declare you are working with a life coach I invite you to email me back to set up a time to talk about what you want!!!

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This is what success feels like.

Friday, I get off the call with my client and I am overcome with this awe of what just happened.
My client tells me how their life has changed, their relationship with themselves has shifted, it has become better.
The relationships with their close ones has changed.
Their life is not perfect but what once seemed impossible is now a reality.
I drive with my husband in the car and I can’t get over how amazing it feels to be someone who helped that person and to witness those results.
And I tell him ‘this is what success feels like’.
Skip to Monday and I am driving to a school, where I will present to high school students about my job and career.
I am also in awe of what I have accomplished and what once seemed impossible (to find a career that I love) is now a reality.
But I can’t feel this awe as I am scared and nervous to public speak in front of anyone right now.
I haven’t done it in 10 months.
And amidst of the fear and nervousness my brain says ‘this is what success feels like’.
And it makes me smile.
The two days could not feel any different.
Yet they are both part of one success.
It is beautiful and uncomfortable at the same time.
And I love it.
P.S. This is also what I do with my clients, I help them set impossible goals (dream jobs or results) and I help them stay out of their own way so they can actually do the work to get there.  It is not some magic, woo woo or rocket science. I simple work with them to make sure their excuses and discomfort don’t come in the way of their goals. That’s it.   What better way to go into December and the new year knowing that you have a personal champion there for you to work for you and YOUR dreams.  I invite you to sign up for a free call with me to discuss your big goals!

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How I dramatically changed my relationship with my mom and my son!

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A sock on the floor.

I make decisions quickly and strongly!

The truth is that is not fully true.
I would like it that to be 100 true but its not.  And it’s okay.
I have holidays unplanned, cars uncleaned, errands not run.  And I am tired.
So what? So nothing.
I move on to the next task and the next and before you know it I don’t have a problem with making decisions.  I have decided I don’t have that problem. I make decisions quickly and strongly.
Here’s what I just realized, I don’t have to make all the decisions at once and be great at decision making forever. I just have to make one decision about me being great at decision making and the rest takes care of itself.
I see yet another sock on the floor(boys and socks, eye roll) and instead of walking right by it I pick it up and throw in the laundry basket, why?
Because I made one decision : I’m great at making decisions. (chanting in my head) And a sock is just another small decision.
What one decision do you need to make to make all the other decisions irrelevant?

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Big Decisions

If you want big results you have to be willing to make BIG decisions.
Why is this important?
Well because we all want something BIG and amazing in our life, but are we willing to decide to go ALL IN on it and MAKE it the right decision?
The truth is I was just tested on this in my own life and it was SO hard!
I didn’t know if I would make it to the other side because I was stuck in the ‘I don’t know’.
“I don’t know if I can do it.”
“I don’t know how it will work out.”
“I just don’t know what to do.”
“I don’t know what the right thing to do is.”
All those thoughts did was block me from looking for solutions.
Even thought they pretended to be necessary and important stating the truth like that, they kept me stuck in dread and impossibility of me working it out.
By thinking those thoughts I kept on NOT deciding.
I thought I was ‘deciding’ which is always a lie.
Making a decision takes only ONE moment. 
The rest of the time we are afraid of making it.
And all the excuses we tell ourselves about ‘having to think about it’ and ‘needing more time’ and ‘not being ready’ are all ways for us to stay in the indecision.
Which pretends to get us closer to what we want but NEVER does.
We want decision making to feel comfy and safe and happy!
Because we think that will be a sign that we are doing it right.
That is also a lie.
How can a big decision to do something new in your life feel good?
New things never feel just good.
They may feel exciting and hopeful and full of relief, but there’s always that part where you are terrified and are risking embarrassment and complete failure.
SO what if making decisions was ALL about feeling unsafe, risky and scary?
What if THAT was your indicator of you doing it right?
Even AFTER you have made the decision you will for sure FREAK OUT.
But you know what – I GOT YOU.
I have gone through it and I know exactly what to expect and what you will come up against and how to get through it.
So if you want to freak out with me I promise you it’ll be fun!

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I love my in-laws!

Do you love when your in-laws visit?

I do !

What if that was possible for you as well?

What if I told you it that you don’t need to change your in-laws to enjoy their company ?

What if all you had to do was decide to love them and there’s nothing they can do about it!?

What if it was as simple as that?

I know you are saying in your head “you’re lucky you have such good in-laws!, if you only knew mine!”.

That is all bs my friends.

In-laws are all in-laws.

They are just people.

You can love them or hate them.

That all depends on you and not them.

My in-laws are not better than any other parents. (Although i do think I lucked out!)

I am not better than anybody else.

So you can’t use those as an excuse not to believe me.

What if I was right on this one ?

What if you could just love them and find yourself saying those words to your husband right after their visit?


That could be you!

What would that mean for you and your family?

Are you a little curious?

Let me tell you- it is SO worth it! .
Try it!

If you are having trouble with this and need someone further along that path to guide you I am here.
P.s. instead of your parents in law sub in any person. It applies to all the pps in your life. .

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May be I don’t really want this.

“May be I don’t really want this”
Our brains are sooo good at coming up with excuses that work!
Are you “not sure” if you want to start a business or write a book or do that thing you secretly want to do ?
Sometimes you may take one step closer towards it and then get scared shitless because it’s hard and feels not so rainbowy as you imagined it.
Then your Go back to the safe “I’m not sure”, “I need to think about it”, “i’ll do it when the time is right”, “i know I’ll do it when I’m ready”. .
That only gives you temporary relief and not the results you want.
I have the best and the worst news for you: it never gets better !
It will always feel this scary and shitty and nerve wrecking as it does now.
The good news is you can start now and don’t have to wait for anything magical to happen. .
I’m doing it today, are you ?

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