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 I really, really want to start a podcast!

And the reason I like the best for starting it is !

To learn and practice so that one day it can help hundreds and thousands of people.

But first I have to become a disaster at it haha I don’t think it’ll be that bad! Let’s find out !

I guess the same is true with loving yourself – we have to first see what a disaster we are at it to then become a master of it.


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You can’t feel other people’s love.

Did you know you can’t feel other people’s love?
I know it’s crazy but also amazing!! .
Here is how it works.
Your kid says “I love you mama” with his puppy eyes. .
You don’t feel anything until you think “aaaawe he really loves me”.
Thinking this creates a feeling of love for you. .
I know this is the exact opposite of what we have all been taught all our life. We have been taught that others can make you happy and others can make you upset. When we believe this we are only left trying to change what others say or do. This doesn’t really work, or works but only short term, until the next time when it doesn’t.
So I want you to consider me being right about this. .
This could be true. .
What would it mean for you if it was?
For me it means that’s I can feel loved any time I want by thinking “they really love me”. .
I can feel appreciated by thinking “they appreciate what I do.”
And when they say mean things like “I hate you mommy” I am the one who picks to think “ what a silly kid, he loves me!”. .
What if your thought really created your feeling for you? Regardless of what others do or say? How would your life change?
P.S. but, but, but … I bet you have a perfect example for me where this is not true ! Bring it to me and I would love to work it through with you and see what we find out! Challenge me! And best of all your life might never be the same… message me to sign up for a free session where we can discuss all of it !!! .

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You can’t change your worthiness

My kid came home from school yesterday and said “ mama, did you know there’s nothing special ?”
I said what do you mean ? He said “the only thing that’s special is us”
I asked him how does he know that. He said his teacher told him that at the fire drill. If you want to save something special then you just save yourself she said.
He was so pleased with himself and 200% certain In these facts, like 1+1=2.
He didn’t have any doubts or he wasn’t even amazed, he was just certain that that’s how the world is.
Kids sure do know how special they are.
Those same kids grow up and forget that and start to look for somebody to do or say something to them so they can feel okay about themselves.
I coach my clients on this all the time.
And those are not direct request to be acknowledged as special.
These specific little examples of how sneaky this can be.
“If only so and so asked for their advice then they would know they are important.”
“If I’m doing as much or more than others the I am doing enough.”
“If my vacations are just as nice and often as others then I am doing it right.”

“If only I had a tight group of friends than I would not be missing out.” .
I have to remind my clients again and again that things and results and people out there can never ever create the feeling of satisfaction for them.

The only way to feel worthy, satisfied, good enough is by deciding that you already ARE.
Your thoughts about you will create that feeling for you.
That’s it.
And guess what, you have my full permission to think all of them before any of that stuff happens, regardless of what happens.
So, if you ARE special regardless of what you do or don’t do – now what ?
What struggles can you let go of ?

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