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Because I am. And you are too.

And when you think you would be better with more discipline or less weight, it’s a lie.

More patient with your kids or more loving with your mom and then you are will acceptable. Not true.

You are enough already – impatient and snappy. Why?

Because it FEELS good to think “I am enough” and from that feeling – we are a lot more loving to ourselves and others, which is what we want, right?

You are enough.


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What Worked Well, always goes first

What worked well. WWW

My coach has me do evaluations of my coaching sessions with my clients.

Before I get into what didn’t work well I always start with what worked well.

This has been so powerful for me to do on coaching, networking events, tennis tournaments and now that I’m seeing the results of it I must share it with you as I think its an amazing tool for life.

Since our brain always wants to criticize and dwell on what we did wrong, we can simply do the process of WWW ( what went well) first and then do the WDW (what didn’t work).

To finish it off we always do the What Do Differently next time.

This allows me to remember the whole picture of my progress, I am learning a skill here and it takes many tries to learn all the different aspects of it.

Without the big picture it’s so easy to get lost in the current fail and just drop attempting it all together.

I have the main picture in mind and I also take the emotion out of it.

I evaluate it from a mechanical point of it, where there is no judgement if the machine didn’t do the right thing. Machine can be trained.

By doing the What Worked Well first I am forcing myself to look at the whole picture of my performance and not just what I messed up.

Some of you are working on taking better care of yourself or being nicer to your family member or losing weight or making money.

Each one of those consists of many different situations in life that can be evaluated just as I described above.

I don’t suggest you do the process but I did bring up this example so you can remember the big picture of you learning a skill each time you ‘fail’ or under perform in whatever goal you are working on now.

Hope this makes your Monday just a bit softer and gives yourself just a bit more compassion and patience that you would love.

Have a great day guys!


P.S. If this is they type of help you like to get when going after your 2020 goal then I can do that for you:) Email me back and we can discuss it this week over a coffee. Looking forward to hearing form you!

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He used to make me SO angry!

We used to butt heads A LOT!

He is just like me in so many ways!

I used to get angry at him when he was getting angry at me or at his brothers.

“Why can’t he just be happy like his brother?” I used to think.

I used to be frustrated just thinking of picking him up from school or putting him to bed.

I wasn’t looking forward to our daily struggle.

That even sounds so strange to me when I’m writing it now because we are in such a better place today!

He hugs me whenever he can.

I am able to look at him and love him and appreciate all that he is going through and especially when he is frustrated.

He hasn’t changed one bit.

I haven’t changed one bit.

But my thinking has changed so dramatically that our relationship is completely transformed.

This is the picture from our hike on the weekend where he is hugging me and it is the best moment ever.

He also told me the other night “you’re the best” and that was a little cherry on top of how great things are now.

This type of transformation is available to you in your relationships with your partners, parents, kids or friends.

This is the best work I have ever done and I would love to share it with you !

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50% shitty and 50%amazing.

My 50/50 this weekend during camping was this:
The amazing 50 percent: Beautiful sunsets and landscape of the Dinosaur Provincial Park.  Loved watching kids climb. Doug and I really enjoyed exploring the park and watching our kids try to climb everything (well, i was freaked out a bit, but luckily no injuries).
Shitty 50%: Freezing temperatures, trying to warm up by the fire, heater, wearing winter jackets to bed, kids getting sick, leaving early.
This was our first camping trip with our little twinsies who are 3 and a half now and it was so exciting to finally be able to do almost everything with them and as a whole family of 6.
I loved watching them hike with us, sit by the fire with us and take in this nature experience for the first time.
The flip side of that was listening to their unreasonable requests for mama, tissue, not wanting to go to the toilet and just plain whining for no reason at all.
I did a fantastic job packing and prepping and planning or this trip that we didn’t forget anything and had yummy food and that made camping feel seamless and enjoyable! AND I learned I can pack the whole car ON my own. A little badass of me if I may (my husband has always packed the car and so I felt a lot of pressure to do well).
 But the flip side of that is having to do all the work even when it feels overwhelming. SO worth it.
I really wanted to check out ‘comfort camping’ at this park and since we can afford that and it is October I was excited to sleep in a bed, and not have to put up a tent. Easy, simple camping where I just have to pack food and clothes! Love it!
WELL, the flip side of that as I found out was being bitten by a mouse on a finger while I was sleeping!
THAT was shittiest part of the whole 50% and i slept in the car after that the rest of the night AND we did NOT stay the second night!
Why am I telling you about my 50/50?
Because having this concept tucked away in the back of my mind the whole weekend allowed me to enjoy the 50% that were great instead of focusing on the cold, whiny kids and the f*ing mouse!
I would love to share this concept with you in more detail and if you are interested you know where to find me!

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I’m a good/bad mom

According to my 3 year old you can be a good mama and a bad mama.
What a relief! Did you know about this? 😉

My 3 year old: “Mama, you’re a good mama.”

Me: “Really? Even after I yelled at your brother “
Him: “Yes, you was a bad mama when you yelled and now you are a good mama”

•love this picture from our summer, isn’t it the best when they nap on on your lap! ❤️❤️❤️



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This is just a thought.

“This is just a thought.”

Today at the school pick up I saw my friend, gave her a hug and she asked me how I am. “Shitty” I said and laughed.
I was so delighted by my own happiness about feeling shitty that I surprised myself.
How can I feel shitty and happy at the same time?
So simple.
I felt bad all day, but I kept on saying to myself ‘this is just a thought’ to whatever my mind was telling me.
Whether it was ‘everything sucks’, ‘I’m so tired’, ‘I’m a bad coach’, ‘what if I’m doing it wrong’ – my answer to all those was ‘this is just a thought, you don’t have to believe it’.
I did not go down the rabbit hole and believe these “truths”.
What a relief. Life is supposed to be 50% great and 50% shitty and so I wasn’t fighting the bad part.
I just allowed it to be there and recognized what was creating it for me.
Can you imagine yourself a bad day that actually kinda feels good?
That doesn’t add up, does it?
But there is some peace to it.  I felt bad because I was thinking thoughts that made me feel bad. That’s it. Not the end of the world.
What thoughts are you believing but wish you wouldn’t? comment below!

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Take aways form Tony Robins event this week!

Hello my beautiful people!
Doug and I had the whole day together at Tony Robins event and it was great!  We listened, we learned, we laughed and we jumped. We also managed to sneak in a little coffee break at a beautiful French patisserie near by, which felt so good to sit and reflect and discuss!
Most of the lessons Tony presented I was already familiar with through my own coach, so I won’t talk about them but I will tell you what was new to me.
One concept he teaches is about 4 different classes of experiences we have in our life. Here is the picture.


What happens when we spend a lot of time doing class 2 and 1 experiences in our life is we have a bit of an identity crisis and we freak out and we go straight back to class 3 experiences, which is where we are comfortable.
We crave familiarity and comfort and so we go back to doing things that are feel good to us in the moment but are not good for us.
That is so true as you start to grow and expand your self confidence. The freak out happens and you are right back to square one, thinking how did you get there and you are not growing at all.
That is my struggle this whole year ever since I set my impossible goal. Ever since I started coaching people, started my business.  Everything was and is going so great and it is also so scary and uncomfortable and brings up a lot of doubt and indecision for me.  If I’m not careful and I don’t do my own coaching I am right back to comfort eating and not feeling all the feels.
So if you are finding yourself going through a set back, know that it is only a set back, a ‘contraction’ as Tony calls it. It is totally normal and expected and you have to get right back to it to keep going instead of thinking you have failed.
The other concept that really spoke to me is the importance of using our body to live the life we want.
As I start to work more this year I spend more time sitting during the day which doesn’t feel good to my body so I have started including some quick walks here and there between my clients to refresh myself and when I heard Tony say ‘use your physiology” I knew exactly how that applies I my life.
Not moving feels bad and moving feels great.
Pretty obvious and yet I wasn’t thinking about it and not planning it in my day.  I am usually so active with my kids that when I’m not with them I start to feel it so much!
Now I am so excited to have that brought to my awareness because I love how I feel when I move! Its also such a great tool for pumping yourself up for whatever you want to feel that day.
I bet that is no news to you if you have been sitting all day at work and know all about how you should include some exercise in the day.
So for you here is what he says “if you don’t have energy you can’t create anything great. Energy creates energy. Movement creates energy.  So use your physiology to create positive energy to then create what you want with your life.”
Not simply ‘exercise to feel good’, but really use that as a tool to achieve all your big goals.
Alright, hope this was helpful and have a great Sunday ya’ll! I love using that ‘ya’ll’ even though I am not from the south of US, and from northern Canada, which cracks me up every time I want to write it to you all. So YA’LL, love you and see you soon!

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What it’s like to get coached….

I just got off the phone with my coach.

Every time I meet with her I feel like I just got did something hard and a little painful but also this pain is enjoyable, if you can imagine that combination.

You can only know this feeling if you have ever looked at your negative feelings on purpose in order to move forward.

You don’t want to look, but you do.

You don’t like what you see but you look at them and you decide.

What you decide is the magic, or can be.

You can decide you are no good and you are doing everything wrong, or you can decide you are doing everything right and you are right on track, this is all part of the process.

I decide that “I am doing it!”, I am doing it and this is all part of the process.

Before the meeting with my coach I always feel a little bit of resistance, or heavy feeling, knowing this won’t be pleasant but at the same time I always show up and do it because I know that after the call I feel cleaner, lighter, more determined, more focused, more clear about myself.
The discomfort is worth the result.
I love taking care of myself this way.
I love offering my help to people so they can feel this way too.
Now that is a great Friday thought!
Email me back if you would like to experience what it feels like to do something uncomfortable for yourself but at the same time caring and exciting.
Have a great Friday everyone!

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Efed Up

Day 1 on the job and I have already messed up.

Glad to have that out of the way for the rest of the summer.
Now I can parent and work relaxed knowing that I am human and I have already efed up so there’s nothing to fear.
The worst has already happened.

Sure enough I got a text from one of my volunteer/clients while I was getting my nails done today: “hey, are we meeting up today?”
Yes, it was totally my fault, I said hey, let’s meet every Monday that way it’s easy for us to remember.”
Except I forgot that I had ever said that and we never discussed our next meeting (and I’m just learning to juggle multiple clients and running a family at the same time) which was supposed to be today.
 I do want to chalk it up to our miscommunication but really it’s all me.
Totally my bad, and I felt so sorry.
But also, nobody died.
My client had a peaceful coffee on her own, I promised to make it up to her.
And that’s that.
Overall on the big scheme of things its a pretty good ef up, don’t you think?
Yes, I’m just trying to make light fo the situation.
And hope the said client has fully recovered and forgiven me and saw the beauty of a kid free coffee in the midst of summer.
So. Yelled at the kids. Check. Let down a client. Check.
Now lets get back to work!

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Leave space

Tired thoughts.

Spruce Meadows yesterday.
We came, we saw the marching band who has been practicing in our neighbourhood for the least few weeks.
I felt excited to see these high school kids perform.
They have grown on me.
I love seeing all the high school kids or university students who are camp leaders for my kids this summer!
One day my boys can take a job at Winsport or another great camp place, teach kids to ski, mountain bike or whatever else they love to do.
 But of course these kind of plans sneak up on us and set up expectations of what their life should look like. We all know how that can end up in a bit of a disappointment so I’ll dream but also leave space for their life to develop the way It will.

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