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Confidence is knowing you will talk nice to yourself, always

Make a deal with yourself that no matter what is going on externally or internally you will talk nice to yourself through it and after it. Then do exactly that. Have your own back.

That starts now with exactly what your life looks like already, no matter how far it is from what you want it to be- don’t use it against yourself. .
Be on your side about everything.

I snapped at the twins this morning while trying to do work, and I came right back and apologized, I didn’t beat myself up for it. I said sorry and moved on.

I ate tacos with tortillas yesterday even thought I don’t really like eating bread things (IG makes me feel bloated), but I did and I moved on. I made it mean that yes I had a taco, but it doesn’t mean anything about me or my future. That is how I’m having my back every single situation in life.

And I fuck up a lot, that’s why I’m practicing this.

But what I know for sure it feels so much better to be nice to myself no matter what. And safer.

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I want to be more confident in my life!

This is what I hear the most.
But what does being more confident mean to you ?
Does it mean that everybody would think you are confident ?
Does it mean you are not afraid of anything ?

Does it mean you never feel doubt ?

Does it mean that if you were confident everybody would like you ?

You have to really think about that for yourself, what exactly would “confidence” look like in your life ?

What I have found to be the most empowering is to be willing to sit in my own sht lol.
I mean sit in my own disappointment, doubt, lack of confidence, anger, failure, embarrassment.
Here is my definition of confidence: I am able and willing to feel any bad feeling!
There will still be fear and doubt and some people won’t like me or my message.


I can bear that.
THERE’S NOTHING I CAN’T HANDLE. (even my own lack of confidence sometimes!)
What is the most that you can bear ?
Does that create confidence for you recognizing what you are willing to bear?



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