Work with me

Want to stop yelling at your kids and feel better?

Feel frustrated and out of control with yourself and your kids?
Desperate and ashamed and are willing to do anything to change your own behaviour?
You feel you can do better but just don’t know how?

I can help.

In our first conversation I can give you a few tips that will have you thinking about this differently.
I will suggest some strategies you can start applying as soon as we get off the phone.

After our mini session you’ll be able to start making changes that you’ve never been able to make before.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We jump on the phone for 60 minutes.
  2. I help you through some of your blocks when it comes to yelling at your kids.
  3. We discover why you’re taking the action you are, what’s going on in your brain and how that’s creating an emotion that’s driving that action that feels so out of control.
  4. I’m going to teach you how to manage your mind so you never get to the point where you feel out of control again.
  5. I’m going to give you two ways to do that.
  6. I’m going to show you right there on the phone and you’re going to be able to start applying it right there that same day.

Once you start doing that, you will notice a significant decrease in how often you yell at your kids.
I may not be able to help you solve that problem totally, but I can definitely get you started. We can certainly, significantly decrease the yelling.
You will start feeling a lot more in control.
You’ll notice the reasons why you’re yelling.
You’ll be able to see it so clearly.
Your awareness will be increased.
What that will do is reduce the number of times you yell at the kids.
Ultimately this will lead to less yelling and more control of yourself over the long run.

Next Steps…

If you are ready to take your actions in your own hands then contact me to sign up for a free mini session and find out how I can help you do better.