"This was always supposed to happen.”

“This was always supposed to happen.”

“This was always supposed to happen.” Is what I told my client the other day.

When we have something that has happened in our life, our past and we are not happy about we tend to argue with it.
But when we argue with reality we loose 100% of the time.
I Love, Love, Love thinking of life that way.
It sets me free every time I remember that this was always supposed to happen this way. I take all the struggle away from it.
I accept things the way they are or were and move on.
Move on to make them mean what I want to make them mean.
Sure you may still want to feel terrible about what happened but at least now you have taken away that extra layer of unnecessary suffering!(it’s terrible and it also should’ve never happened. instead : “it’s terrible and it should’ve happened”. How do we know that ? “Because IT DID”.)
Sooo much better once you have done that.
Try it out.
What is it that you wish was different in your past ?
How can you say ‘that thing the happened was always meant to happen.’
Can you accept that as part of my life and make peace with it?
How different will your life will be then?
Try it out!
Happy Friday everyone!

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Post vacation thoughts

Post vacation sunday night thoughts: MEAL PLAN!

Taking care of my future self as I always do: first things first, is fuel for mama and fuel for the family!
What’s your number one priority right after vacation?

Now onto my favourite part: shower.

Good night!

Kid wants to read my blog

Tyler just sat down beside me and wanted to be with me while I write my blog.
 I explained that this is grow up stuff and he’s not a grown up so therefore he needs to give me space for 15mins.
I don’t think he was too impressed with these answers.
But truthfully I need space to think and be open.
Answering questions about what I’m writing is not supportive of thinking. I love to think and write so now Tyler is sitting on a different couch.
We are going on a road trip to Venron today and we are all super excited! Some are excited for the pool, some for water skiing, some are excited for the goodie bags they get in the car for the drive. Austin is already sad to be leavening! He is sad now because he knows he will be sad to leave grandma and grandpas in 1 week! How sweet!
Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll sea ya’ll tomorrow!
After all that i wrote a blog post that Tyler could’ve read! what’da ya know! ANyways,! have to go on our road trip!

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What it’s like to get coached….

I just got off the phone with my coach.

Every time I meet with her I feel like I just got did something hard and a little painful but also this pain is enjoyable, if you can imagine that combination.

You can only know this feeling if you have ever looked at your negative feelings on purpose in order to move forward.

You don’t want to look, but you do.

You don’t like what you see but you look at them and you decide.

What you decide is the magic, or can be.

You can decide you are no good and you are doing everything wrong, or you can decide you are doing everything right and you are right on track, this is all part of the process.

I decide that “I am doing it!”, I am doing it and this is all part of the process.

Before the meeting with my coach I always feel a little bit of resistance, or heavy feeling, knowing this won’t be pleasant but at the same time I always show up and do it because I know that after the call I feel cleaner, lighter, more determined, more focused, more clear about myself.
The discomfort is worth the result.
I love taking care of myself this way.
I love offering my help to people so they can feel this way too.
Now that is a great Friday thought!
Email me back if you would like to experience what it feels like to do something uncomfortable for yourself but at the same time caring and exciting.
Have a great Friday everyone!

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She is Amazing

I have this friend. She is amazing. I have a few friends who are amazing but I will just tell you about one today.
Here’s why. Her realm of whats possible to do is so much bigger than mine, so it always amazes me.
“How can you do that ?” I always think.
“Is that still worth doing with that many kids, that late, etc etc etc. on top of all these other events.”
Let me give you an example.
She has 4 boys just like I do, around the same ages.
She keeps them up for Canada Day fireworks and wanders with the whole family downtown all the way till the fireworks start.
Now for a family with older kids that may be is a reasonable thing(my own reasoning).
But in my mind, for any person with 2 little kids and 2 medium age kids, that is a stretch!
I don’t even attempt such a thing for several reasons: I want to sleep at 9 pm, I don’t want to deal with kids longer than I have to, they will be so grumpy so late, and all of that is not worth it.  Thinking that way I don’t even put it into the realm of possibility.
But when I hear her telling me how fun that was and they all enjoyed it etc, I am in awe. First of all, it is hard for me to imagine that that is actually possible!
And second of all I think all these horrible things about me and my cushy comfort zone.  “I’m not seasoned enough, I’m too sheltered and too scared to not attempt that.”
Once I get over all that I just keep wondering, what an amazing view point she must have to think about the fireworks that way.
She must be really focusing on all the amazing moments they will have and the memories they will all make and the way their face will look when they see the fireworks.
She’s probably not focusing and assuming that kids will be grumpy and she will be tired and grumpy.
To me that is a true gift to be able to look at life like that, just seeing all the benefits and knowing all the work is worth it.
What usually happens in my head is an idea comes up and then 10 ways why it is a horrible idea. Thanks brain.
Sure, I’ll just do the same thing over and over again and not do anything new.
But when I do come out of my comfy routine it is always, always worth it!
Myself and my kids are left with tons of new experiences and feelings and the work and inconvenience of it all seems all worth it.
I also know that this friend of mine is not just sugar coating the way things went.
I have seen this numerous times with her and the ‘events’ she puts on (I call them events because they are a big deal to me, to her it’s just some fun with the kids).
 She once drove from Winnipeg to Calgary all by herself with 4 boys. No big deal. 🙂
She hosts parties for 10-15 kids for fun a few times a year! She has multiple kids sleep over and she cook for all of them non stop and a lot.
I am in awe of this woman and her generosity!
See ya’ll tomorrow !

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Happy Mama, Whinny Mama

What a day!

We had a great time at heritage Park with our friends who are visiting here from Hong Kong.

The kids went on all the rides a few times before the line ups were there.

The boys love hanging out with the 2 girls, who are around the same age as my older two.

It was a big crazy with the winning twins in the morning and then one of them pooping in their pants! That was not enjoyable at all!
There’s no good without the bad. Ain’t it true:)
Happy kids, whinny kids. Happy mama, whinny mama.
It’s all good right.
If you saw me right now, you would see me sitting in one of my favourite spots: Cspace, with my trusty laptop, a cappuccino and I have a client coming to join me in 15 mins. This is my slice of heaven:)
I loooooove writing you guys!
And I also love hearing from all of you who read what I write, its just that extra cherry on top when I do. So thanks for that!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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I’m over it.

I just bought my eldest some t-shirts today, size 10-12. He’s not 10 yet, 8 but you know how they are always bigger than the sizes.

I wasn’t sad at all that he’s growing up, quit excited in fact.  Each stage is so fun and each age unlocks many more things we can do with them.

I love it when they grow out of clothes and I get to get them the next size up.

I always feel this weird feeling that something is wrong when I’m not sad about it.

But you know what, I’m not sad about it and I don’t want to be.

“They are not little any more”. Wha wha.

I’m over it.

I am so excited for my own future and that I am able to enjoy kids growing up as well.

What are you happy about and you don’t want to feel guilty over it?


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Efed Up

Day 1 on the job and I have already messed up.

Glad to have that out of the way for the rest of the summer.
Now I can parent and work relaxed knowing that I am human and I have already efed up so there’s nothing to fear.
The worst has already happened.

Sure enough I got a text from one of my volunteer/clients while I was getting my nails done today: “hey, are we meeting up today?”
Yes, it was totally my fault, I said hey, let’s meet every Monday that way it’s easy for us to remember.”
Except I forgot that I had ever said that and we never discussed our next meeting (and I’m just learning to juggle multiple clients and running a family at the same time) which was supposed to be today.
 I do want to chalk it up to our miscommunication but really it’s all me.
Totally my bad, and I felt so sorry.
But also, nobody died.
My client had a peaceful coffee on her own, I promised to make it up to her.
And that’s that.
Overall on the big scheme of things its a pretty good ef up, don’t you think?
Yes, I’m just trying to make light fo the situation.
And hope the said client has fully recovered and forgiven me and saw the beauty of a kid free coffee in the midst of summer.
So. Yelled at the kids. Check. Let down a client. Check.
Now lets get back to work!

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First week of work + kids at home!

Day 13 of writing every day.

I don’t want to write.
But here I am.
What do I have to offer today?
Long pause.
How about this. I have my first week at home with the kids all home and me working part time!
I am a bit freaked out, even though I have been planning and planning.
Even made a meal plan, did the groceries and thought through the whole week 50 times! Anxious are we? yep. A bit. But just saying it out loud makes me feel better.
So.  Yep. I’ll report back as to how the week goes.
Also, no pressure, I want to have all the fun with the kids this summer, go to all the fun places, do all the things.  Again, no pressure as just saying this makes me tense. ! lots of pressure! I’ll start with one thing and go from there.
How do you deal with work and kids being home? Those of you who are working from home ? Part time?

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Leave space

Tired thoughts.

Spruce Meadows yesterday.
We came, we saw the marching band who has been practicing in our neighbourhood for the least few weeks.
I felt excited to see these high school kids perform.
They have grown on me.
I love seeing all the high school kids or university students who are camp leaders for my kids this summer!
One day my boys can take a job at Winsport or another great camp place, teach kids to ski, mountain bike or whatever else they love to do.
 But of course these kind of plans sneak up on us and set up expectations of what their life should look like. We all know how that can end up in a bit of a disappointment so I’ll dream but also leave space for their life to develop the way It will.

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