I help moms stop yelling at their kids.

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Feeling good intolerance

Here’s a thought i heard today you might like: “I’m learning to trust the good in my life”. You know when you go to check on your kids when they are sleeping and they look so amazing and beautiful that it becomes too much for you to handle,  you get

I’m having an identity crisis

Last night my second son asked me what I did that day (even though he was here with me the whole day lol) I listed all the things. He said ‘what else?’ I thought. I said ‘I cooked dinner…, hm, I cooked lunch… and HOLLY SMOKES I cooked breakfast TOO

Unsupervised Questions

We all do this. “Is this the right thing to do?” ”What if I’m wrong?” ”What if they are right?” ”What if it’s not worth it?” The list goes on and on. Ask a better question and the quality of answers will change. “If there is no right decision which

Nina Matveeva Natalia's Mom. Business owner and mom of 2.

"Natalia was the catalyst in learning to trust myself and be more confident. I got my dream job offer, I sold my house. I made decisions that I couldn’t make before. Now I feel more confident, open, trusting. <br />I changed my relationship with myself completely. I can now trust that when I decide to do something I will go and do it. My biggest hesitations was for sure that she is my daughter and I’m her mom. We are in a peace now and I didn’t want to make things worse, but I think it only got better and I’m happy I did it. Try coaching for at least a few months, once you try it you will know this works. A coach is that somebody who helps you see what you can’t see by yourself, without any judgment. That’s why you need a coach! "

Emily A. Stay at home mom of 2.

"I was struggling with living a regular life and dealing with my anxiety while driving, going out, doing day to day things. I felt as a failure, alone, desperate, scared, hopeless, sad. After working with Natalia not only did my life go back to normal but I felt like I got the key to open the door to much more that I can achieve now. Natalia helped me get back to being myself. I got control of my life and I feel awesome, free, more confident, more of who I really am! Everybody should know the stuff that she has to share. She helped me understand what is going on in my brain. <br />She is professional, non judgmental, and also very funny and light. She has this very bright positive way so It doesn’t get boring or too serious or too scary but at the same time it is really profound. This helps and you feel lighter! She’s really good at that. I’m really happy she chose me."

Anastasia Elia Working mom of 2.

“I’ve been working with Natalia for 6 months now and, let me tell you, this woman is amazing! Not only has she worked tirelessly to transform her own life, she has put the same amount of energy and enthusiasm in every one of our coaching sessions. Her positive outlook on life is contagious and she has given me very practical tools and support to achieve both career related and personal goals in my life.”

Jennifer Cruikshank Coach & Mom of 2

"Natalia packs every session with valuable insights, thought-provoking questions, and humour. In the year we’ve been working together, I’ve made major improvements in my relationships, launched a business, and become more emotionally resilient overall, and she was instrumental in all of it. I highly recommend Coaching Natalia!”

Andrea Mele Entrepreneur and Mom of 2.

“I have been working with Natalia for almost a year and she has helped me to feel better in so many aspects of my life… feel better living in a foreign country, keep rolling with my business, with never ending questions around parenting. She has a deep passion for helping people and you can feel it in every interaction with her!”